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John appreciates the details: the sun at the right angle, the candid nature of a smile, and just the right moment to take a photo. Our family photos were beautiful and filled with laughter. I would work with John again in an instant!

Alie R.

Families are what make us who we are!! 


Contact me at or complete a contact form. You will be able to choose your location and will be provided a package price list and print ordering options. 

Looking forward to meeting you!!

  • Lighting for outdoor shoots are best in the early morning or late afternoon/evening.

  • A fresh shave for guys is highly suggested and/or any facial hair should be neatly trimmed.

  • Apply makeup normally.

  • Avoid glitter or sparkles.

  • Try to keep things simple by picking solid or semi-solid colors.

  • If you normally wear glasses, wear them for the pictures.

  • Turtleneck tops work the best on people with long necks. Round and square faces look great in square-neck tops, while thin faces or pointed chins are attractive in rounded-neck tops.

  • Ladies try to avoid short sleeves or spaghetti straps since these styles overly accentuate the arms.

  • Color coordinate your wardrobe, based on a color or style.

  • If possible, avoid photos around your child’s nap or bedtime.

  • Make sure everyone is well fed and consider bringing a snack.

  • Don’t worry about getting a perfect photo. When you relax and have fun, the perfect photos happen!

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